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thewaterdancer said: Are you prolife?

Well, I just visited “Pro-life America” and I almost faint (too much WWJD -.- 4 me).  I am from Catalonia and we’ve been struggling with abortion laws lately, so I understand the topic and the controversy. As a future Nurse and as a human being I can only stand for people, if they can take care of the baby wonderful, have all the babies!, but if someone CAN’T do that, let them DECIDE. I believe this is a basic right. And we have to take care of the moms too!
what made u think I was prolife? (I’m curious ;P)
needless to say I like reblogging babies, they are cute :3

I’m “pro-birth control” and “pro-wanted babies” ;D

And you?

PS: sorry about my English